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Buffy's Mild

An award winning recipe and proof that traditional mild beer has not been forgotten


Going back 50 years or so, mild beers were considered the staple drink of beer lovers.

Every ale house and licensed premises served the locally brewed mild, and bitter beers were very much an acquired taste.

Since those heydays 'bitter' has replaced less well hopped beers as the preferred choice.

A good mild beer is made with higher roast malts and should be packed with caramel flavours, with just a touch of sweetness. The colour can be anything from the usual dark hues through to a more amber coloured appearance. But as with all ales, flavour must be the deciding factor.

Buffy's Mild is somewhat stronger than the mass pro- duced brands, and reflects the current preference for mid strength beers. Marris Otter and Chocolate malts are blended to produce this rich easy drinking ale.